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Zoom Genevieve Pearl Ring - Gold Plated Bronze - Yasèmia
Zoom Genevieve Pearl Ring - Gold Plated Bronze - Yasèmia
Zoom Genevieve Pearl Ring - Gold Plated Bronze - Yasèmia

Genevieve Δαχτυλίδι με Πέρλες Γλυκού Νερού - 24Κ Επιχρυσωμένος Μπρούτζος

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Δαχτυλίδι Genevieve με πέρλες γλυκού νερού, από 24Κ επιχρυσωμένο μπρούτζο. Μπορείς να το φορέσεις με οποιοδήποτε ντύσιμο αλλά και να το συνδυάσεις με ένα κομψό minimal βραχιόλι. Όλα τα υλικά αυτού του εντυπωσιακού δαχτυλιδιού είναι υποαλλεργικά και αντιαμαυρωτικά. Σχεδιασμένο & χειροποίητο στην Ελλάδα.



Υλικό: Μπρούτζος & Πέρλες Γλυκού Νερού

Επικάλυψη: Χρυσό 24Κ

Χρώμα: Χρυσό

Μέγεθος: 54 (17,2 mm)

Αδιάβροχο: Ναι

Genevieve Δαχτυλίδι με Πέρλες Γλυκού Νερού - 24Κ Επιχρυσωμένος Μπρούτζος



How is your jewellery made?

Most of the pieces in our collections are made by Greek artisans. We offer a range of price points with a range of materials available. Our favorite materials are gold-plated bronze, stainless steel & brass.


How do I maintain my jewellery in a good condition for a long time?

Avoid storing your jewellery in a place with moisture such as your bathroom because it's possible that they will tarnish quickly. Although all our jewellery is antitarnish, not wearing them in the gym, jacuzzi, sauna or shower will make them live longer. We kindly advise you also to not wear them during household tasks or while using chemical products.


What kind of packaging do you use?

Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly made from recycled paper and is biodegradable. Your jewellery will come accompanied by a beautiful branded box made from a biodegradable material which you can use to store your jewellery or even for your grocery or market shopping!





As a female-owned business with a very small team and a slow fashion brand, we, therefore, ask you for your patience when it comes to receiving your order as we are doing our best to prepare and deliver your order. After your purchase, it takes 5-7 days for your package to arrive via DHL. Please take into consideration that this delivery time depends always on which part of the world you live in and the postal services in your country.


Shipping zones

We offer flat-rate and tracked shipping. The more you spend, the more additional discount we can offer on our shipping fees. (See exact details below).

Please be sure that you placed your full address and details correctly, so no problem with the delivery will occur.

Once you placed your order and is shipped out, Yasèmia cannot stop the procedure of delivery. Also, we are not more responsible when packages are scanned and delivered, or for any additional fees, import duties, or taxes that may apply to your order in your respective country.

In case of a delivery refusal, the package will be considered abandoned by the courier.

We have the right to cancel orders because of shipping restrictions regarding the current situation (Coronavirus) or stock issues. If for any reason, your order is canceled or delayed, we will contact you via email. 


For extra information on our shipping zones and rates you can advise the list below:

Greece and Germany: 4 euros 

Over 100 euros: free shipping 


Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Monaco: 7 euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping 


Liechtenstein, Switzerland:7 euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping 


Andorra, Vatican City, Hungary, Italy, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom: 7 euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping 


Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania:7 euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping 


Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine, Greenland:8 euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping


Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Syria, Georgia, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia: 12euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping


Bahrain, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Yemen, Armenia, Oman:12euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping


Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Caribbean Netherlands, Colombia:20euros

Over 100 euros: free shipping


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