What materials do you use for the bags?

We use high quality cords, such as cotton, macrame, wool & soft tulle ribbon cords to handcraft the Yasèmia bags. Some bags have eco-leather parts and we use vegan silk or satin for the inner lining. (Note: some clutches don't have inner lining). Details for each item you will find in the product description.


How are the bags and jewellery made?

All bags are knitted and stitched by hand from Greek artisans. That is what makes them one-of-a-kind  and that's why a bag cannot be the same with another, even if they are the same design. All our jewellery are designed and handmade in Greece from very high quality materials.


What kind of packaging do you use?

Our packaging is 100% ecofriendly made from recycled paper and is biodegradable. Your bag will come accompanied from a beautiful tote bag made from natural cotton which you can use to store your bag or even for your grocery or market shopping!


What does it mean that a bag is available to preorder?

Some items -such as the Pèrola shoulder bag- takes longer to be handcrafted and is very limited quantity because of the special design. When you preorder, you assure that you'll get the item before it is sold out. The item will be dispatched by the date shown in the product description.  Please note that your card will be charged fully when a preorder is placed.


How can I maintain my handknitted bag last for a long time?

In Yasèmia, we are very sensitive when it comes to sustainability so we want you to keep your bag for as many years to come. Avoid exposing your bag in high heat, dust and humidity. Store your bag in your wardrobe in a cotton cloth or in the Yasèmia tote cotton bag that you'll receive in your box. Don't wash it in the washing machine or put it in the dry cleaner. Don't put inside your bag liquid materials or pointy objects. Finally, when you want to store it for a long time, put inside a clean cloth so your bag can maintain its shape. 


How can I clean my bag?

1. Remove all the items of the bag and empty all the pockets, so all the dust is moved away.

2. Add some mild laundry detergent to cold water in a bowl. Avoid using fabric softener.

3. Dip a soft and clean cloth to the water and rub gently your bag.

4. Use another free of soap wet cloth and try to wip off any detergent that is on the surface of your bag.

5. Let the bag naturally dry to the air with open handles and open pockets. Don't put your bag to the dry cleaner.


Can I order a bag in a colour or size different of that I find in the product description?

We do not process customized orders. The item you'll receive will be in the colour and size you'll find in the product description.


The bag I want is sold out. Is it coming back?

As a slow fashion brand, we produce only limited quantities and that means that our pieces are quickly sold out. However stay in touch if you wish to be informed when an item you want is back in stock.